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the_best_free_antivirus_for_android_2015 the_best_free_antivirus_for_android_2015 SOCIAL SECURITY….CAN’T BLAME OBAMA. download free music to my android smartphone #SaturdayStories is a series that features stories from GLBTQ Christians around the world. On April 10, 2104, Jeffry Neuhouser posted “An Open Letter to Taylor University” becoming the first student to come out openly and publicly at the Christian university. He is currently finishing up his time at Taylor where he has served as President of the Senate as well as being an activist for LGBTQ students. He plans to move to Newfoundland in the fall to pursue a Masters in History from Memorial University. Someday, you may find him wearing a bow tie and Mr. Rogers cardigan excitedly teaching an obscure historical subject. Until then, here’s a part of his story. This article about Agatha Christie looks like a great read! Also on: Twitter icon.
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